Our Acero Home Specifications

Detailed Product Description
We are a professional steel structure villa, container house, prefabricated house and modular house producer. We can manufacture all kinds of houses according to customer's requirement. both for living and office.
We can supply all the bathroom and kitchen facilities (including toilet bowl, wash basin, shower countertop with sink and tap in it, kitchen cabinet). Also electricity facilities (including jack box, switch, socket, wire and lamps)
Steel frame: high quality steel structure
Wall panel: 50mm/75mm/100mm sandwich board (with EPS for its interlayer)
Roof panel: 50mm/75mm/100mm sandwich board (with EPS for its interlayer)
Windows: Aluminum Alloy window or plastic steel windows
Doors: sandwich board door or Aluminum Alloy door
Bathroom: it will be equipped with one toilet bowl, one wash basin, and one shower equipment
Kitchen: it will be equipped with one kitchen cabinet
Electricity: we will supply all the electricity system and equipment
Color: you can choose any color you like.(both for the outside and inside)

Detailed Product Description
Features (Polystyrene Sandwich Panel):
1) Structure:
a) Upper and lower layer: uses many kinds of metal sheets or decorative polywood
b) Middle: condensed polystyrene foam board
2) Width: 1,000mm, 1,180mm
3) Thickness: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm,
200mm, 225mm, 250mm
4) Length: depending on the design and conditions of transportation
5) Thermal conductivity: 0.032kcal/m.h.c

Detailed Product Description

We can supply corrugated sandwich panels with EPS, PU and Rock Wool for its middle layer.
The thickness can be supplied from 50mm to 150mm.
The panel can be used as wall and door.
It is very good thermal and acoustic insulation.
It's also very convenient for installation.
Sandwich board: each side of the board is high quality steel sheet, and with EPS or PU or Rock Wool with its interlayer.
You have choice of the thickness, 50mm to 150mm. You can choose the ordinary color of steel sheet you like.

ACERO HOMES As a professional, innovative international manufacturer, supplier and client-orientation prefabricated houses and modular houses, ACERO HOMES is featured as following

Company History: AceroHomes.com is owned and operated by Nogame Consultant S.A. a corporation based in Republic of Panama on high technology and Innovation, we have been designing, manufacturing and exporting high quality, low cost, environment friendly and multifunctional modular housessteel prefabricated villas and prefabricated homes to the world wide.


Our company introduced the most advanced architecture production equipment that can build 4-6 stories light steel modular houses, prefab houses and villas.. Acerohomes.com owns a large-scale integration industrialization base and the most abundant integration equipment parts resources.

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1) The inner water tank is made of SUS304-2B stainless steel
2) The outer water tank is made of nacre white armor plate
Instructional video of assembling procedures.
Varios models
to choose from.
Plans for each model are provided.
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